As a Sino-Japan joint venture company under Matsukawa House Corporation, Xiamen Yamata Foods Co., Ltd. specializes in Coated Nuts in the traditional Japanese style.
Matsukawa House has been developing Coated Nuts since 1912 when the Yamada families started the first family workshop in Tokyo, Japan. Until today, they have served consumers and customers for more than 100 years by providing premium quality snacks.
In 1988, Matsukawa House built its third factory in the Jimei district in Xiamen, China. Hence, Xiamen Yamata Foods Co., Ltd. was established. For nearly 20 years, the factory produced only Coated Nuts for Matsukawa House to cater to the Japanese market. 
In 2006, the company underwent restructuring with two Chinese partners joining to achieve new aims and become more competitive in the market. Yamata Foods opened its export channel to Southeastern Asia and Europe, followed by America, the Middle East, Oceania, and Africa.Two years later, Yamata Foods started to focus on the China domestic market. This move brought great success with the establishment of market shares and brand awareness, with the Yamata brand emphasizing excellent food quality.
By 2010, facilities had become inadequate due to the rapid growth in business. Hence, Yamata Foods decided to expand and build another factory near downtown Xiang'an for the future modernization of processes and growth. The new facility started operating in March 2015, with a built-up area of 40,000 square meters, providing a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year.
To date, Yamata Foods produces not just Coated Nuts products but also diversified its product range to cope with market demands, constantly launching innovative products and keeping the existing product range up-to-date. By taking cues from the changing needs of consumers, Xiamen Yamata Foods Co., Ltd. continues to strive to set a firm foundation for both domestic and international sales and always welcomes sincere partnerships with new customers.

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